04.05.2012/21.20 Fresh site out of nowhere.

Hey check out my new site Off-Tape Chronicles. This sites covers my new project - punk rock and garage rocknroll rare tracks compilations from rare tapes and some podcasts, which are hard to find but still awesome to listen to. Site was done in a crazy manner which exactly fits its theme.

20.06.2010/14.00 The Descendant of Shinobi

Hey! Tomorrow I have an important exam at the college. And instead of studing and revising I've been doing something that attracts me more - compiling new video all through the night.

I'am a bit sorry, that I haven't written about this new stuff here before, however I've devoted quite a lot of time to it. But now it is ready and appeared cute...

So the new video is actually a commercial video about a psychology publishing house, which is owned by my friends. They asked me to make this video to be presented on an essential conference this summer.

This is not a typical commercial... Firstly it's quite long (5 min) and includes a cartoon, which looks like children-pictured or made by an awful painter (me). But I guess it is atmospheric... But I can't be sure... And also a slide-show about publishers' life.

Interested?! Download it on the project's page!

Next project is going to be a site or I'll be completing Mind Games.

27.12.2009/14.00 Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays everyone! And I am going to tell what are we about right now.

Last days we've been working on a new site. It is going to be a new important sophisticated worldwide project devoted to street musicians and indi-artists. And its final goal is to promote and help them. I've found 2 more guys who will be helping us. So there are 4 of us to the moment. Hope we will be able to come up with a beta quite soon.

Next I hosted a site for my friend about his hicking team. You can check it out here.

Our great cartoon is temporaly postponed due to loads of other stuff to do...

Speakers corner was closed few days ago. I did because it was awfully spammed and I guess there is no particular need in it right now.

Everyone! ...Have fun these holidays!

04.11.2009/22.00 BananaFish.

We came up with a new project named BananaFish. It is a new site, covering music of 90's - american indie rock, and punk rock. Check it out! BananaFish.briztimqwo.com. The name is taken from a story named "A perfect day for bananafish" by J. Salinger. I chose it because this music associates with the story's idea and actually Bananafish seems cute and rocking! You can find some rare albums there as well. I recommend to download music you can find there from emusic or Itunes. Enjoy our collection!

Oh yeah. And We are still up to cartoon creation. Just being busy right now. But I hope to take it seriously and complete it one day. I wrote to a friendly cartoon director in Los Angeles (long story how i found him) and he directed me to the right way. And explained to me how to fix some problems (especially sound). So going to get the time and use his advices.

24.08.2009/10.00 Mind Games and Stones Rolling.

Alright. Here we are with a new idea. We are creating a cartoon. Real one! Temporal name is Mind Games and Stones Rolling. Well the plot is like: some young friends found a VHS with John Lennon on it. He inspires them to become hippie and to travel around the world, helping people and having lots'a'fun of course. The general idea is "how it is cool to be young" and "what John Lennon was saying"...

The movie is DIY, cause we don't have any professionals =) and it will bring special style to it. We are making backgrounds on paper with pencils and then scan them. All the animation is a flash's job. The movie's planed to be full-lengh and HD quility. I think we can mannage second position, but with the first we will have problems. So it took me 60 hours to create animation for 20 seconds of cartoon. A lot yea?!

That's why I would really appreciate any help from anyone else. Especially i need adobe flash skills and some musicians to create a soundtrack (indie rock, pop rock, rock'n'roll something like this). So if you are interested in creating such cartoon and generally you are hard-working and creative person, you can help me! Please contact me if you are interested. You can write on forum or e-mail. Who knows... this cartoon may have an Oscar in the future =).

I will publish a project page soon with screenshots.

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