BTQ Sites

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project started: long time ago...
last update: 09.03.2009
current state: complete
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Here we have a 'huge' =) archive of sites we created. Some of them are active and functioning, though some are just an example of the design. So don't be surprised of broken links and errors.

This is an active site featuring the art of my friend Marina Belkevich. She works basically with cloth and engraving. The site has its own gallery system using flash. There are lots of pictures and works there. That's what we are proud of.

This site is a history already, however i find it quite good. It was devoted to my own creativity (again =), but all the links there are broken, though you can find most of that stuff right here on btq.

[M-T] team
This one is really old (and it's quite noticable). There were times when I and my friends were playing Counter strike =) and we had a clan. And I decided to create a web-site. That's how I met web-design. Again it's just an example of design, everything is broken...

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