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Briz Tim Qwo is a label which covers all our creativity and hopes to create something! Then you ask what are these guys up to? And we say that we don't know but we can't do nothing! We like creation! Our works are probably able to tell you what are we like. However they are different I think. We can't concentrate in one field such as web or videos. Probably that's better.

BTQ started with 2 guys: Dima (vili_vili_vo) and Andrew in august 2008. But lots of friends are helping us in different ways. Well actually it started earlier and lots of stuff was created earlier. But this is the date of official site release. There are still 2 :) of us but who knows what waits BTQ in the future...

Umm I really hope that you will enjoy this site and our works. I would like to thank Andrew, Eva, Ola, Polly, Veronika! They helped me a lot to create the site.

If you liked any of our works and have an idea or want to say something about it or you are just a friendly person who speaks freely with everyone they meet. If your such a person we would enjoy hearing from you! So write to our forum or to our email:

BTQ offers web-design service as well now. You can read more in Web-design section.

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